Snack foods with proper nutrition

If you are closely monitoring your calorie intake, it is important to choose the right snacks with the right diet. The use of healthy products is especially important during training or work, when our body requires increased energy support. Snacks can help you avoid overeating and help reduce hunger throughout the day.

According to nutritionists, snacking is an effective way to lose weight. Their main value lies in the fact that with such a diet, nutrients are not deposited in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, and weight loss takes place without stress for our body. Snacks improve metabolism, lower bad cholesterol and normalize blood glucose.

When choosing foods for a snack, you should give preference to food that contains many vitamins and minerals. The best solution would be:

– Fruits – apples, bananas, citrus fruits.
-Fermented milk products – kefir, low-fat cottage cheese.
-Nuts – hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios.
-Dried fruits – prunes, raisins, candied fruits.
-Vegetables – cucumbers, carrots and any others used for making salads.

A healthy lifestyle excludes the use of unhealthy foods, so it is worth giving up food with a high content of sugar, fat, carbohydrates. Considering what is possible for a snack with proper nutrition, avoid smoked meats, any sausages, flour. Also, do not eat too salty foods (chips, canned food, croutons).


The best time for a snack is considered to be a second breakfast (at about 11:00) and an afternoon snack (at 16: 00-17: 00). However, when compiling a menu, you need to take into account what products can and cannot be consumed in one or another half of the day.
Second breakfastIf you had a hearty enough breakfast, you can limit yourself to lunch with fruits – an orange or an apple. Care should be taken with the latter, as apples tend to increase appetite. Also, avoid grapes or bananas as they are too high in calories. What should be a snack with proper nutrition, when breakfast was not too satisfying? You can eat a fruit salad or a vegetable casserole.

Afternoon snack

Thanks to an afternoon snack, you will be able to get enough without overeating at night. Among the most useful products for this time of day are cottage cheese, yogurt and yogurt. The reason for this is the high content of calcium, which is absorbed faster by the body just in the afternoon. Alternatively, use nuts or dried fruits, but their portion should be no more than 10 grams.

In the evening

If dinner does not completely satisfy your hunger, you can have a snack in the evening. It is only allowed when you are too hungry. What do you eat for a snack in the evening? If the body requires food, it is enough to limit yourself to water or low-fat kefir. It is not recommended to eat fruits or foods high in carbohydrates as they can whet your appetite.