The muscle does not know the exercise

It doesn’t matter what exercise you do, the muscle doesn’t know it, it doesn’t recognize it. Squat with a barbell, perform a platform press with your feet, or straighten your legs in a machine while sitting, your thigh muscles contract and relax. For muscles, this is exactly the same job. However, the exercises used are effective in different ways, for example for building muscle mass and strength.

The muscle cannot count

The muscle does not have a calculator and for this reason the muscle cannot count. Doing any number of reps for the muscles will only be work. Yes, the muscle doing the exercise will begin to connect certain types of muscle fibers, to one degree or another, but this happens spontaneously. The muscle is just trying to survive. And this is not intelligence, but an instinct for self-preservation.

Muscle knows no time

The muscle does not know the time spent under load, does not know how to count and does not have a timer. If we take this fact into account, then the common opinion about the time spent by a muscle under load turns out to be a dummy.

Muscle knows stress

Any impact on muscle know this stress. The muscle rests, works or receives any other effect this stress. For the growth of strength and muscle mass, only weight, the so-called power stress, is important. Muscles, trying to survive, adapt to overload and to new realities in conditions of growing stress. In response to stress, the muscle becomes stronger, more resilient, larger and shrinks faster.