Elbow pain – causes and exercise treatment

Elbow pain is a constant headache for an active hobbyist or professional. When the elbows look more like a cripple than a functional part of a bioengineering machine, there are three likely reasons. The article identifies the problems, causes and solutions with the help of special workouts with iron.

Reason – Weak Grip

Poor grip is the first cause of elbow pain. Poor functionality kills the growth of athletic skills, causing serious injury to the flexor muscles of the fingers and wrists. Accumulating, injuries pass into a chronic, permanent stage, breaking with constant persistent pains.

My Grip is Strong!

Do you think your grip is strong? A powerful statement. Let’s check and pass the strength test. It is considered the standard of strength to lift, hold and transfer 2 of your weights divided by each hand at a distance of 20 meters. This is a hell of a job! The minimum result is considered to be carrying 75% of your body weight in each hand. Are you capable of this? If not, welcome and start training.

To improve the health of your elbows, use the progression method in the program, which allows you to gradually increase the strength of the grip and the load on the forearms, in maximum progression. Sufficiently short distances will help maintain health or relieve pain in the elbow. 10-15 meter walks should be part of the hard training process. These workouts should fit into the general program and be carried out 2 times per week cycle. This allows ample time to recover between sessions. The main goal is to increase the anaerobic capacity of the body, and not running around with 10 kg dumbbells in the gym.

Hooks Kill Grip

Yes, thanks to the hooks it is easier to increase the power indicators. There is nothing to object to this. However, as it becomes functionally stronger, the body acquires additional muscle fibers to enhance the grip. Grip enhancers perform several controversial actions that reduce the functionality of the athlete’s upper body.

The main reason is the reduction of neuromuscular connections that affect the strength of the hand and forearms. The hand is the first and main part of the chain for the functioning of the upper body and shoulder girdle. Without the ability to form a tight grip around the handle, you overload the ligaments and joints of the upper body, including the elbows and shoulders.

The brain, creating nerve impulses, contracts the muscles, forcing them to become stronger. An increased level of stress can cause large damage to the protein tissues that make up muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. When hooks are used as the primary means of restraint, acute and chronic pain occurs in the elbow and surrounding tissues. Weak forearms run the risk of injury under a heavy program. Where tendons and ligaments are torn first.

Frequent micro-tissue damage several times a week is evil. You are able to prevent damage by firmly gripping the bar or dumbbell handle. Use only traditional grips until your elbows are as strong and healthy as possible.

Which Grab to Choose?

  • Supinated – palms facing the body.

  • Pronounced – palms facing away from the body. It is used for a variety of rows and presses during normal workouts. If elbow pain is present, start using alternative grips.

  • Neutral – palms facing each other. This simple change will bring the exercise biomechanics to a natural, unchanged exercise without elbow pain. The joints should work naturally without changing the natural angles.

Whenever possible, use a neutral hand position on the rods. This is especially true of the deadlift. In the presence of a trep bar or a mobile handle, it makes a natural neutral position of the hands, reducing the overall load on the body. I recommend using dumbbells until you are confident that your shoulders are strong enough to revert to supinated and pronated grips.

Treatment Methods

Making one of the described mistakes you are at risk. The best thing about the elbow is that during treatment it is easily accessible for diagnosis and work with soft tissues. Follow the guidelines and avoid mistakes.

Causes And Treatment Through Workout

Knowing the reasons, the treatment of elbow pain will be easier and more effective:

  1. Elbow pain – weak grip. Farmers’ walks will help fix the problem. If you cannot carry a load equal to your own weight on each hand for 15 meters, the grip is weak.

  2. Grip – Increases maximum strength, but decreases the ability of the neuromuscular connection to generate arm and wrist strength.

  3. If your elbow hurts, use a neutral grip , neutral grip. Palms facing each other, instead of pronated or slow down.

  4. Use self-myofascial massage .