Muscle building programs and bodybuilding myths

Let’s analyze programs for growth. Bodybuilding myths begin with the wrong choice of complexes. Everyone wants fast muscle growth and prioritizes the intensity of the effort. It is considered correct to give all the best, getting the maximum growth. This is the most common mistake in bodybuilding. When you compare bodybuilding and running, bodybuilders are marathon runners. Logically: muscle growth is minimal. No matter how hard you train, it is impossible to increase speed, nature cannot be deceived.

When Does Muscle Growth Start?

Muscle growth is accumulated, in other words, for a penny. Accordingly, the accumulation takes a long time. The rule is: the longer you save, the more you save. It has been noticed that large muscle growth begins after 6-8 years of systematic training. Subject to continuous progress, it is realistic to gain 20-25 kg of muscle. The secret lies in the condition of passing the marathon distance, correctly distributing efforts. Rushing at the start – exhale. Jocks come to training full of enthusiasm, from the first training they kill the psyche, they begin to strain. Having strained, they lose interest in training. After 6-12 months, stagnation of results begins. The situation is stalemate, there will be no growth, even if you stand on your ears.

Muscle Growth Rate

Look at the marathon runner. Starting, the athlete barely moves his legs, gradually increasing the speed, calculating the strength, selects the necessary speed that allows him to finish victoriously. A distance starter starting at 100 meters will run his 100 meters – this is a fact. In bodybuilding, the most important condition is the progressive shift of programs for growth. Beginners use some programs, advanced – others, and professionals – a different story.

The programs for muscle growth are in theory arranged in this order:

  • basic program;
  • slow growth program;
  • advanced program;
  • maintenance program.

Beginner and Result

A beginner who takes any program will get a quick result. However, the result is imaginary, seeming. The sleeping resources of the body will be used. There will be no real growth in mass and strength. As soon as the level of loads exceeds the capabilities of the resources, a breakdown will immediately occur. Start training with a basic program, the complex contains 4-6 exercises. The program lasts 2-2.5 months, two or three workouts in a weekly cycle. Perform exercises 1 approach, then 2, and then 3 approaches. Observe rest pauses between sets for more than 2 minutes. Try not to force the body. You will notice muscle growth already from the 16th workout.

Slow Muscle Growth Program

After that, the turn of the slow growth program begins. The program will seem easy, like running in place. That’s all right. This is a preparatory program for the next stage of intensive training. It is forbidden to skip this period. There is no real readiness for hard training, but resources are at the limit. There is no readiness for the general physiological load. The heart, lungs, and other systems of the body are not ready for the growth of strength and muscle mass.

The slow growth program puts the body into a regime of intense tension and recovery (compensation). Do not interfere with adaptation, let the body get used to stress. Allow your body to spontaneously adjust to the stress. Provide workouts two days a week. Keep your exercise intensity low. Forget muscle growth. Build strength. Add, for example, in each exercise of the program 1 time in 7-10 days 2-2.5 kg. Lower increases are possible. At first, modest increases will not work. Soon, however, the progress of strength will be steady. Progress lasts two to three weeks – go to the advanced growth program.

Bodybuilding Myths

The myths about stress in every workout are exaggerated. In bodybuilding, the main thing is to climb the intensity steps in small steps that give true muscle adaptation. This is how smooth and long-term muscle growth is ensured for years, decades of correct training.