Anabolic Supplements

Dietary supplements with a predominantly anabolic effect include supplements based on plant steroids Leucea safflower, saponins, flavonoids and alkaloids Tribulus terrestris, products containing synthetic derivatives of isoflavones, and some others.

Ecdysteroids have long established themselves as effective anabolizing agents of a non-steroidal structure (plastic substrates) used in high-performance sports. However, the drugs available on the market often contain ecdysterone of insufficient purification, and the possibility of forgery is not excluded. Ekdisten (drug) and DD based on leucea safflower have long been known, have proven themselves well.

Ecdistene is a natural compound of a steroid structure obtained from plants widely used in folk medicine — raponticum safflower (synonym: Leuzea safflower) – Rhaponticum carthamoidis (Wild) Jilin (synonym: Leuzea carthamoidis D.C.)n Turkestan beetle-Ajuga turkestanica (Rgl.) Brig., growing in Central Asia. The chemical properties and pharmacological action of ecdistene have been studied by Japanese, Uzbek and Russian scientists. According to the chemical structure, the phytosteroid resembles the insect molt hormone. In addition to the phytoecdysteroid ecdystene, the rhizomes of leuzea contain organic acids, resins, essential oils, tannins and coloring substances, alkaloids, vitamins, carotene, inulin and others.

An essential point in the mechanism of action of ecdystene is its ability to activate the processes of protein biosynthesis in various organs and tissues in a similar way to the well-known steroid anabolic drugs (methandrostenolone, nandrolone). However, having a fundamentally different mechanism of anabolic action, ekdisten, unlike anabolic androgenic steroids, does not have the hormonal effects inherent in them: androgenic, thymolytic, antigonadotropic, etc., which often complicate the use of these drugs, especially in women and children. In addition to protein metabolism, ecdystene also has a positive effect on carbohydrate-phosphorus and lipid metabolism. Under its influence, there is an accumulation of glycogen and macroergic phosphoric compounds (ATP and creatine phosphate) in organs and tissues, there is a clear hypocholesterolemic and hypotriacylglycerolemic effect.

In all experiments, clinical and laboratory studies confirmed an increase in body weight, the content of hemoglobin and red blood cells, an increase in the content of total protein in the blood serum, a decrease in the concentration of urea. In anthropometric studies of individuals who repeatedly took ecdisten, the anabolic effect of the drug was noted, which was expressed in an increase in muscle mass with a slight decrease in total and subcutaneous fat.

Tribesterone 1500 is also a highly effective functional product with anabolic properties, containing in one serving (2 capsules) Tribulus Terrestris Ext. No. 1 (60% Saponins and 20% Protodioscin) — 750 mg, Tribulus Terrestris Ext. Nq 2 (40% Saponins and 10% Protodioscin) — 750 mg.

Tribesterone has a positive effect on performance, especially against the background of accumulated fatigue. It is believed that this is due to an increase in the production of your own testosterone. The number of tribesterone-based products is estimated in dozens, but their effectiveness is related to the quality of extraction from tribulus and further purification. SciFit offers two of the highest quality and balanced extracts (No. 1 and No. 2) with a wide range of effects, including on the female body. Take 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day. For best results, it is recommended to take DD immediately after sleep, during the day and before going to bed.

Tribuvar ™ (SAN, USA) contains a high-quality Tribulus Terrestris extract (45 % furostanol saponins). Athletes use Tribuvar ™ to stimulate protein synthesis by supporting a positive nitrogen balance. The drug also stimulates a faster recovery after training. For many years, some world-famous athletes of the former USSR have successfully widely used Tribuvar ™ . Its natural and safe composition makes Tribuvar ™ the number one dietary supplement that has no disadvantages, such as toxicity and side effects. 1 capsule contains 500 mg of Tribulus terrestris extract of Bulgarian production. Take 1-2 capsules 1-4 times a day, preferably with meals.