Dietary supplements for increasing muscle mass

Science offers strength athletes dietary supplements that stimulate the brain instead of muscles.

Believe me, setting any record, including the record of muscle mass, rests not so much on the muscles as on the head. It is she who should send a uniquely powerful nerve impulse to the musculature, which will respond with an explosion of strength and endurance. And here, unfortunately, not everything depends on our will. Each of us is born either a hardy but slow ” turtle “or a” rabbit ” who can show a speed record only at a short distance. Intermediate types of nervous activity are rare and only confirm the general rule. Meanwhile, to pump up a gigantic muscle mass, you need to combine the lively character of a sprinter and the perseverance of a marathon runner. This task is impossible only at first glance. Dietary supplements will help!


Focusing on sharpness

Action. You’ve probably heard about lecithin, which makes up our liver and brain. And in general, there is a lot of this substance in other organs and tissues. Lecithin is formed in the body for the purpose of cell renewal, as well as as a source of important energy compounds called phospholipids. So, when there is little lecithin in the body, then there are few phospholipids. And there is nothing to hope for an intensive training. It will not work, no matter how hard you try, to concentrate on the exercise, there is no drive, only irritability and fatigue. The secret is that some phospholipids are directly involved in the work of the brain. If they are in short supply, the nervous system begins to “slow down” and deprives the psyche of tone. You can, of course, take additional lecithin. Fortunately, there are plenty of such additives on the market. However, it is difficult to calculate its effect on the body. The conversion of lecithin into useful phospholipids occurs as a result of a long series of biochemical reactions, but if the result is

needed immediately? The uniqueness of the ALPHA-GPC supplement is that it is the final product of lecithin conversion. Then the compound turns directly into the necessary phospholipids. So the effect of the supplement resembles the wave of a magic wand. Immediately comes concentration, self-confidence, enthusiasm. Studies have shown that athletes immediately after taking the supplement increase their explosive strength by an order of magnitude, as well as the production of growth hormone in response to multi-repeat sets. It is highly recommended for “turtles”.

Notes. Our brain is protected from foreign and dangerous compounds by a powerful blood-brain barrier. However, the brain considers the supplement to be its ally, and therefore it does not interfere with it. Moreover, such an amount of active substance penetrates into the brain, which is guaranteed to work for an hour.

Dosage. Take 300-600 mg of the supplement half an hour or an hour before training. In this case, the daily amount of 1200 mg is divided into 3 doses.


Drink of the Gods

Action. Coffee has a short-term stimulating effect on the nervous system due to caffeine, but cocoa contains not only caffeine, but also acetylethanolamines, phenylethylamines, theobromine and tyramine. All these names have nothing to do with chemical warfare, but they are useful stimulators not only of our nerves, but also of the brain. If you keep this drink in regular use, your daily mood will definitely improve (this has been proven by scientific research), in addition, high blood pressure will decrease, which is always the cause of depression and irritability, and the production of nitric oxide by the body will increase many times. As a result, the training drive will increase even more, because pumping will become extreme. It is recommended for both “turtles” and”rabbits”.

Notes. For a bodybuilder, cocoa is a mandatory drink. Thanks to tyramine, cocoa increases the secretion of hormones that cause what is called sports anger. At the same time, cocoa has 10 times more antioxidants than the famous spinach. A cup of strong cocoa after training significantly weakens the oxidative stress of strength training.

Dosage. For cocoa to really work, there should be at least 200-600 mg of polyphenols in the cup. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers indicate the amount of polyphenols in the cocoa measurement standard. Instant cocoa should be added to a protein shake. Instead of strong cocoa, you can eat 100 g of dark chocolate.


Action. All cells of our body contain the compound ubiquinone or coenzyme Q10. Its concentration reaches a maximum in 20 years, and then steadily decreases over the years. According to science, ubiquinone is responsible for cellular energy, and therefore it is most in those organs that work without knowing rest – in the heart and liver. Traditionally, ubiquinone is used to prevent cardiovascular diseases, but scientists have found that the lack of coenzyme has a bad effect on the brain. Physical exertion forces the body to spend ubiquinone faster, and, apparently, this is why intensive strength training is accompanied by severe mental fatigue. Ubiquinone deficiency leads to inhibition of the brain’s energy processes. It is recommended for impatient “rabbits” who usually save on recovery.


Creole secret

Action. Mate tea got its name from a bowl in which the leaves of a tree of the holly family growing in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay are crushed. Nevertheless, many people are sure that they drink tea from the herb mate. One way or another, but in the leaves of mate there are a lot of aitioxidacts (more than in green tea), as well as B vitamins, chromium, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Contrary to popular opinion, there is very little caffeine in the mate. Nevertheless, mate surprisingly “cleanses” the brain, thanks to the content of strong plant alkaloids in it. In medicine, mate is used in the fight against mental fatigue, because alkaloids enhance energy reactions in the brain. If you take to regularly drink a strong drink mate, then you will increase your mental concentration with a guarantee. It will become easier for you to train, especially at the end of the working day. It is recommended for all “turtles” and “rabbits” engaged in tedious office work.

Notes. Mate tea really increases mental tone. Another confirmation of this is the hot temperament of Latin Americans. Meanwhile, mate can help you lose weight. The drink suppresses appetite and has a mild diuretic effect.

Dosage. If you take mate together with ginkgo biloba, which improves cerebral blood circulation, its effect is enhanced. Many people add mate to black or green tea. The effect of the extract begins with 1-3 g.