How to gradually switch to pp and not break

It has been proven that complete addiction to a new diet occurs in 21 days. During this period, there is a high likelihood of breakdowns and a return to the usual way of life. So that healthy food is not a burden, do not deny yourself small pleasures. If you love pizza or chocolate, no one forbids using them, but only in limited quantities.
For familiar dishes, it is quite possible to find a healthier alternative. Knowing how to gradually and without consequences switch to proper nutrition, you will pamper your taste buds without harm to the body. For example, for lovers of Olivier, at first, it is enough to replace sausage with chicken meat, and mayonnaise – with pure yogurt or low-fat sour cream. At the same time, it is advisable to enlist the support of your own family, because if, suppose, your relatives begin to eat cake or pastries, it will be difficult for you not to join.
It should be borne in mind that the transition to a healthy diet is not only a fractional diet and a choice of healthy foods. To achieve the best results, you should increase your physical activity and join an active lifestyle. In this case, you will receive a double benefit and will be able to comprehensively improve the body.


Finding out the benefits and harms of soluble chicory for health, it should be noted that it is not recommended to drink it with varicose veins and the presence of cholelithiasis. In some people, the plant can cause allergic reactions or individual intolerance, so if you are prone to allergies, it should be used with caution.
Due to the fact that under the influence of magnesium and ascorbic acid, the drink dilates blood vessels and thins the blood, it is contraindicated for people with hypotension or frequent pressure surges. Even one cup of chicory can significantly reduce blood pressure, which is manifested in hypotonic patients by the appearance of nausea, weakness, and dizziness.
Since chicory is a medicinal plant, it is not recommended to drink more than 300 ml of the drink per day . Overdose is always harmful, even when it comes to natural medicines. In the absence of contraindications and following the recommendations, chicory will definitely be beneficial for the body and help restore your health.