How to start a healthy diet: 10 helpful tips

Of course, any person who wants to improve their health is interested in the question of how to switch to proper nutrition without harm to the body. It is extremely difficult to get away from the usual way of life at once, so you should not limit yourself immediately and in everything. The transition to a healthy diet requires new eating habits that are slowly and gradually introduced into daily life. The following recommendations will help in this:
1. Go to the grocery store only on a full stomach. When a person is hungry, he is more prone to unmotivated purchases.
2. Follow your drinking regimen. The average adult needs to drink an average of 30 ml of pure water for every kilogram of body weight, not counting juices, tea and other drinks.
3. Give up harmful foods. Fast foods, store sauces, smoked meats, canned foods are not food for those who are interested in how to gradually switch to proper nutrition and improve their health.
4. Reduce your sugar intake. If a cup of unsweetened coffee is not enjoyable, you can use honey or dried fruit.
5. Avoid muffins and white bread. For those who cannot imagine eating without baked goods, it is advisable to buy yeast-free pita bread, whole grain flour bread and other similar options.
6. Use smaller plates. In order not to be tempted to eat more goodies, take small plates that can hold no more than 200-300 g of food.
7. Eat less fatty foods. When figuring out how to switch to proper and balanced nutrition, it is worth noting that a healthy diet does not at all imply a complete rejection of meat. You can eat it quite calmly, but not fatty pork, but diet turkey, chicken or beef without fat.
8. Cook it yourself. When buying ready-made meals, you are unlikely to be sure that they contain healthy ingredients. Therefore, it is better to cook food yourself, taking into account the calorie content of certain products.
9. Eat slowly. It takes the body at least 20 minutes for the brain to receive a signal from a full stomach. Therefore, chew your food slowly, spreading out small portions for this period of time.
10. More greenery. To make your food as healthy as possible, add herbs and vegetables to your meals. This is exactly where the best place to start your transition to good nutrition. Parsley, spinach, basil, lettuce, green onions or dill will provide your body with vitamins and improve the taste of the food you eat.