How to lose weight faster – with home strength training or cardio?

Trying to lose weight faster, many focus on cardio training, running to exhaustion, jumping, doubling the training load. And it seems, it is obvious – if you do 2 times more, then the result should be appropriate. In fact, the effect of exhausting hours of workouts may be far from expected: instead of a slender, toned body, there is flabby sagging skin.
How to train in order not only to lose weight, but also to acquire a fit slim figure? What types of home workouts for weight loss should I prefer – cardio or strength?

About the mechanism of cardio training

The word cardio in Greek means heart. Aerobic exercise strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, reduces the risk of diabetes, improves hormones and triggers the process of fat burning. But losing weight thanks to cardio loads will only work if certain conditions are met.

For example, 10-15 minutes home workouts do not get rid of excess fat, because the first 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, the body expends calories from the muscles and liver. And only then does the process of losing weight begin.

Moreover, it is important to observe one more condition – the heart rate should not exceed 120-150 beats / min. It is with such a load that energy is released due to the breakdown of fat.

With more intense work and an increase in heart rate (heart rate) more than 150 beats / min (higher than the fat burning zone suggests), fat burning stops and work on endurance begins. An increased pace of training requires high energy consumption and the body begins to use muscle tissue for energy production.

Muscles shrink and this is not the effect we are striving for. Yes, we will lose weight because we will lose muscle volume, but body fat will remain. But it is the muscles that create a clear relief, seductive smooth curves, appetizing proportions – everything that makes the figure fit, slim and beautiful.

Strength training – working for the future

Cardio has a quick effect on weight loss. Losing three, or even five kilograms in a month is quite possible. But then fat burning stops. The body has already adjusted to the cardio load on the same muscles and adapted to stress. Further training will continue to increase endurance, strengthen the heart, but the process of losing weight will noticeably slow down.

It is more difficult for the body to adapt to power loads – the training program for weight loss can be changed indefinitely, varying the number of approaches, the selection of exercises, the weight of the weights, and this has a positive effect on the effectiveness of weight loss.

Strength training increases muscle volume. Muscle gains increase energy expenditure both at rest and during exercise, as the volume of metabolically active tissue increases.

Due to power loads, the muscles are micro-injured, and the body increases energy consumption to restore them. The workout is over, and the process of losing weight has just begun, and it can last 24-36 hours.

At the end of the cardio workout, the process of losing weight stops, and after the end of the strength training, it just begins. This is the main difference between workouts in terms of their effectiveness for weight loss.

Strength training is about working for a long, stable result. It is important that they are complex and consistently work out different muscle groups.

Cardio plus power – the golden mean

Aerobic training alone is not enough to significantly reduce weight. It is necessary to constantly monitor the calorie content of the diet. It is important not to gain extra calories, and at the same time not to drive yourself into hunger stress, when the body, instead of burning fat, begins to accumulate it, and muscles – to destroy.

If you strive to lose weight and keep yourself in good physical shape, workouts should be combined. Aerobic exercise will help you get rid of excess fat, and strength exercises will increase muscle volume. Such weight loss is as effective as possible and, most importantly, it is safe for health.

And, of course, you need to review your diet, give up bad habits and not neglect 8-hour sleep.

There are dozens of programs for you on our websitehome workouts for weight loss, including aerobic and strength exercises. Choose the right one, taking into account your physical fitness, and start training. The trainings developed by our experienced fitness trainers are sure to lead you to the desired result. Practice regularly and you will succeed!