Protein-carbohydrate cocktail

No matter how incredible it may seem to you, but it is in your power to adjust your body to build up more dry muscle mass and reduce the proportion of subcutaneous fat, and in a natural way and with the help of the simplest recipes. Here’s how to do it. Immediately after the end of the workout, drink a protein-carbohydrate cocktail and you will start the process of building muscles plus increase your energy potential.

This simple formula is equal to 355 ml of carbohydrates and protein in liquid form, taken immediately after the end of strength training. At this time, your body is best configured to absorb these nutrients for subsequent muscle strengthening and fat burning. The supplement that I recommend to my clients is the “Kpainer formula for muscle building”. For many years, I have used these recipes to work with many bodybuilding clients, and as soon as they started drinking these protein-carbohydrate cocktails, we noticed a noticeable change in body composition in favor of muscle mass.

Effect on the body

How does a protein-carbohydrate cocktail help the muscles become stronger and stronger? Classes, of course, are the main incentive. You make the muscles work harder, and they respond to this with increased growth. But for the muscle building process to begin, they need to get a mixture of protein and carbohydrates to create the right hormonal climate for muscle growth.

Here’s what’s going on. Protein and carbohydrates stimulate the release of insulin and growth hormone in the body. Insulin is a significant factor for building muscles. It helps to deliver glucose and amino acids to the cells, returns these amino acids to the body tissue and prevents the loss of muscle mass and tissues. Growth hormone increases the rate of protein production, adjusting the process of muscle building, and also provides fat burning. Both hormones are directly involved in muscle growth. Your body is charged for growth thanks to this simple formula.

More energy

If you take a protein-carbohydrate cocktail after a class, you will probably pay attention to another significant point — an increased energy level. This combination of nutrients not only stimulates hormonal activity, but also begins to replenish muscle glycogen reserves, thereby providing additional muscle energy. The harder you work, the more energy your muscles get.

When protein is present in the supplement, the process of glycogen production goes faster than if you consumed only carbohydrates.

Some interesting studies only confirm this idea. In one experiment, nine men worked on an exercise bike for two full hours over three separate sessions to reduce muscle glycogen stores. Immediately after each approach and two hours later, the men drank a pure carbohydrate supplement, a pure protein supplement or a protein-carbohydrate cocktail.

After studying the biopsy samples of the athletes ‘ muscle tissue, the experts noticed that the rate of accumulation of muscle glycogen was significantly higher when the participants drank a protein-carbohydrate cocktail.

Why did this process go so fast? It is well known that taking carbohydrates after a long exercise that requires increased endurance contributes to the accumulation of muscle glycogen. When you consume protein together with carbohydrates, there is a jump in the level of insulin. In a biochemical sense, insulin performs the function of a gas pedal. It activates the mechanism of glycogen formation, working in two directions. Firstly, it accelerates the movement of glucose and amino acids to the cells and, secondly, activates a special enzyme necessary for the synthesis of glycogen.

During another scientific study, a group of athletes performed a sufficiently intense set of exercises to burn off glycogen reserves. After that, part of the group took a protein-carbohydrate cocktail, and others-a 6% glucose-electrolyte solution. Then both groups resumed their classes. Having a greater endurance potential, the group taking a carbohydrate-protein supplement worked longer than the second group by 66%.

In a similar experiment, eight trained endurance cyclists performed two two-hour approaches aimed at destroying glycogen reserves. At the end of the work and two hours later, they took either a carbohydrate-protein supplement or a purely carbohydrate supplement. the protein-carbohydrate cocktail included 53 g of carbohydrates and 14 g of protein, while the carbohydrate formula consisted of 20 g of carbohydrates.

After an intensive strength training session, taking a carbohydrate-protein liquid supplement will replenish the reserves of muscle glycogen and help you build dry muscle mass faster.

The effect of taking a protein-carbohydrate cocktail was absolutely wonderful: the level of glucose increased by 17%, and insulin-by 92%. Moreover, the athletes who took it had 128% higher muscle glycogen reserves than when they took a purely carbohydrate supplement.