Sports energy at home

How to prepare a sports energy drink yourself

In the world of sports nutrition, a lot of attention has recently been paid to energy drinks that increase endurance, increase strength indicators and motivation during training. In this article, we will try to give several recipes with which you can prepare a sports energy drink at home, while choosing the most suitable one for yourself and saving a significant part of your money. According to the effectiveness of energy products prepared at home, they practically do not differ from special sports supplements, since all the necessary ingredients can be easily purchased in pharmacies and stores.

Recipe 1: Classic Energy Drink”

This recipe is characterized by maximum simplicity and the taste of the resulting solution is very good (it resembles iced tea sold in aluminum cans).

Brew 3 bags of black tea in a cup(200 ml) with boiling water and let it brew for 5-10 minutes
Pour the resulting solution into a 0.5 liter bottle
Fill the remaining part with cold boiled water
Put 20 tablets of ascorbic acid in a bottle (each 50 mg)
Shake the pills until they dissolve and place them in the freezer (it should be noted that hot drinks or food can be placed in the refrigerator if the container is hermetically sealed).
Take a few sips of the drink throughout the entire workout
Effects: tea contains many tonic and stimulating components, such as caffeine. Water promotes rehydration, and ascorbic acid suppresses the secretion of cortisol.

Recipe 2: Energy drink ” Razdraiv”

This recipe is a more extended version of the previous one. It may seem less pleasant to the taste, but it can be corrected by manipulating the doses of components and the amount of liquid. Some components can be excluded altogether.

Perform all the preparations described in the previous recipe.
Add 10-20 drops of Eleutherococcus alcohol tincture, which can be purchased at any pharmacy
Add 20 crushed tablets of 0.5 g of glucose (aka dextrose). It is purchased at a pharmacy.
Add 5-10 g of BCAA powder
Cool the drink and consume it during your workout.
If you want to enhance the stimulating effect of an energy drink, increase the number of tea bags to 5.


Muscle energy supply (due to glucose)
Recovery (due to BCAA)
Stimulation and motivation (tea and eleutherococcus).
Rehydration (water)
Anti-catabolic effect (ascorbic acid)

Recipe 3: Decaf energy drink

In 0.5-1 liters of warm mineral table water, dissolve a couple of spoons of honey, squeeze out lemon juice, add 0.15-0.30 g of succinic acid, alcohol tincture of any adaptogen (or two), cool the drink. Part of the drink can be consumed 15-30 minutes before training, the rest can be drunk in small portions during training.


Rehydration (mineral water)
Energy supply of muscles (due to fructose, glucose and succinic acid)
Anti-catabolic effect (vitamin C)
Stimulation and motivation (adaptogens)

Recipe 4: A drink for athletes

This energy drink is suitable for athletes who are engaged in running, swimming, cycling,rowing and other cyclic sports, as well as martial arts, which are accompanied by profuse sweating.

As a basis, take one of the previous recipes with the difference that instead of water, use mineral water or rehydration solutions that are sold in pharmacies (rehydrone, etc.). Loss of fluid in the form of sweat leads to the simultaneous excretion of sodium, potassium, chlorine and others, which in turn can cause a violation of the ion balance of the body. The use of these electrolytes will restore the balance of ions.

If you are not satisfied with the taste of the resulting energy drink, then start experimenting. Add various components to the electrolytes sequentially and taste them.