Тhe how-i-prevent-hunger-during-a-diet checklist


  1. Determine the right calorie intake, don’t starve yourself!
  2. Match your meal frequency to your calorie intake. Meals of 200 kcal will probably leave you nothing but hunger!
  3. Do you have a low calorie intake? Then consider Intermittent Fasting!
  4. Make the right food choices for satiety:
    • Eat lots of lean protein products.
    • Eat a lot of vegetables.
    • Eat lots of low-calorie fruit (No, bananas and raisins don’t count!).
    • Avoid refined sugars and limit that dextrose after your workout.
    • Be vigilant with your fats, you have to get them in, but a scale is your friend.
    • Make sure you get enough fiber.
  5. Listen to your body: If you’re hungry half an hour after your meal, something probably needs to change.
  6. Try to increase the viscosity (= thickness of a liquid), for example choose an All Day Protein shake or Casein shake with your breakfast instead of whey.
  7. Take supplements that suppress hunger or increase satiety.
  8. Weigh for yourself whether a cheat meal is worth it. Are you counting down all week? Then you would probably do better to avoid it altogether so that this pattern disappears from your system.
  9. Don’t overflow your cupboards with candy, cookies and chocolate.
  10. Do your shopping if you’re not hungry to avoid walking out of the supermarket every week with a frikandel sandwich
  11. If you eat out, don’t go to all-you-can-eat restaurants
  12. Still sinned? No stress and pick up your diet again. 1 cookie won’t break your diet, but 3 boxes will.
  13. Drink lots of water! Carbonated coffee, tea, or diet sodas can also help.
  14. Don’t force yourself to take the stairs or walk everywhere. The only thing you achieve is stress and the urge to reward yourself (read = I took the stairs so I have now earned a pie of 500 kcal. Guess what? You just ruined your diet).
  15. Let those around you know that you are watching your diet. This prevents you from being constantly offered everything.

With these 15 tips you are armed to make your diet a success, without hunger!